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Top 6 Hybrid Mobile App UI Frameworks

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The mobile app is the better of both worlds – native and web apps. Hybrid apps are gaining popularity amongst the developers because they need to code apps for once then run them on any platform with no extra coding.

• Ionic

Ionic is the pioneer of mobile app frameworks. If your app performance may be a major concern for you, choose the Ionic framework. Ionic is predicated on HTML 5 and it mainly focusses on performance. JS library to form an enormous interactive app, It is often clubbed with Angularjs. Both frameworks together work rather well. Ionic has few reusable HTML classes and a group of inbuilt icons set called Ionicons.

• Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a mature framework supported HTML5/CSS3. An enterprise targeted framework, Sencha Touch has its core at ExtJS. It scores high due to the very fact that you simply can create great performance applications with a near-native experience.

• Mobile Angular UI

Angular is just about the right solution for handling data binding. Data binding in Angular apps involves the automated synchronization of knowledge between the model (or customer input source) and therefore the “view”. When the model changes, the view rejects the change and the other way around. By curtailing multiple steps, Angular is often a really appealing option.

• React Native

ReactJS is an exceptional framework for managing the DOM (Document Object Model), especially when it involves handling a huge amount of knowledge. React creates virtual DOM in JavaScript that acts as an intermediate representation of the DOM. Due to this representation, it becomes easier to make a decision on which elements to vary within the DOM and what the results could also be.

• PhoneGap

PhoneGap is predicated on Cordova and is employed for comping and packaging to release the app. It comes with a set of APIs that will hook up with phones basic inbuilt functions like camera, location, contacts, etc.

• Famo.us

It is quite almost like Phonegap but more lightweight. It’s used for more sophisticated, graphics-rich applications that specialize in rendering 2D, 3D graphics, game-related animations and stuff like that. This framework is especially used for hybrid mobile development and not for web-based applications. It is often used with Angularjs too.

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